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Introducing our purely amazing plant based Soar Naturals Vitamin D3+K2 Blend!  This formula highlights an all plant-sourced D3 and K2 in a vegetable capsule with no undesired chemicals.  Our pure form of Vitamin D3+K2 is a blend of 5,000 IU of D3 and 180 mcg of K2 per capsule. Our exclusive 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly formula is a clinically established dosage to promote cardiovascular and bone health.

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This supplement is a perfect pick for anyone wishing to significantly increase their vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 intake without the harmful byproducts that many others are using.  This is a special unique blend, and our expert independent laboratory partners have developed the most reliable methods of maintaining purity and quality of product all in one capsule.

Each transparent capsule carries the Vitamin D3+K2 in a lovely olive oil base to ensure the maximum absorption. When you open your bottle of Soar Vitamin D3 + K2, you’ll recognize a product designed with quality, care, and love in each capsule!  Love your body enough to give it the best!

  • No Added Stearates
  • Pure Vegan
  • Promotes Cardiovascular and Bone Health
  • Meets USP and FCC Regulatory Standards
  • Purity Verified
  • Manufactured in an FDA inspected facility in accordance to cGMP
  • Formulated with Love!

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