Kevin and Tabitha both have a background in the medical field along with personal experience overcoming some of their own health challenges and immune issues. Kevin has been a Health Minister for many years following a heart attack and cancer diagnosis in 2009. After half of his thyroid was removed, the Lord showed us a better way of building our immune systems through a radical change of our our diet and lifestyle.

Tabitha comes from a nursing background as a nurse working in Ortho/Neuro, ER/Triage, as well as Nursing Administration. Her experience both professionally and personally, bring a unique dynamic to SOAR Naturals. She is currently a health practitioner recommending special products to those facing challenges of autoimmune conditions and other health challenges. She is also a Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle Coach and enjoys making special recipes with healthy ingredients for her friends and family to help them achieve their goals of weight loss, healing their bodies naturally, and so much more!

Over the years we have learned a lot about health and wellness and we desire to share our knowledge with those we come in contact with through Adoption Airfare, our travel agency business, as well as our radio listening platform, Spirit of Adoption Radio. Through the experience we have both professionally and personally, we desire to help our clients achieve the best response to our environment as possible, through building up a healthy immune system. We are told in the Word of God that there will be “pestilences” coming. With a healthy and strengthened immune system, we can be prepared to heal our bodies and fight the next pandemic if it does happen to come upon us.

If you are one of our travel clients, it is our desire to help you to build up your immune system before the next time you fly. The airlines are doing a lot to respond to the pandemic crisis, but we also desire to help families build themselves up so they are ready and prepared for an amazing trip, and doing their best to overcome anything that would hinder them physically!
We have chosen the very top of the line products that are lab tested six times before reaching the bottle! Everything is shipped with love, cared for, and delivered to your door with the highest standards possible.

Helping you Soar above Sickness and Disease.